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Malerei von Kathrin Hausel

(c) Kathrin Hausel

Kathrin Hausel (born 1979) is an artist living and working in Fürth (D). Hausel studied painting at the Alanus University of Art and Society in Alfter/Bonn. She completed her studies with a state diploma in painting in 2003 after completing a postgraduate course in cultural education. Since then Hausel has been working as a freelance artist, first in Bonn, and since 2009 again in her native city of Fürth, where she now lives and works.

Her work focuses on people in moments of fragility in everyday, sometimes bizarre situations. Hausel often focuses on the sideshows of life and likes to illuminate the dark corners of human existence with an unembellished gaze, but approaches her subjects with an empathy that pays homage to people in their inadequacy.

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