März (2) 2017

4-Jahre Salonette Feier


Ultra Lounge Music

Sound performance von  Apollo Palmer


©Alexander Firmberger

Apollo Palmer has immersed himself in 60’s music, exploring the musical selection of the time like Soul, Jazz, Funk and Bossa (to mention some) for all over the world, finding that these genres can be combined to generate an ideal atmosphere depending on the mood of the listeners. The versatility of the 60’s and its wide spectrum allows programming music that suggests an intense talk or just have a good time. Taking a cocktail, relax and enjoy the rhythms and elegance of the wide variety of sound and composers is the musical option suggested by Apollo Palmer to enjoy the company of others and make a pleasant time.

Mehr Infos: https://apollopalmer.com/ und https://www.facebook.com/ApolloPalmer/